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Learn More Study Less

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Learn More Study Less

Scott Young. Learn More Study Less
ISBN no | edition 2008 | 228 pages | PDF | 1.8 MB



From the author
This book isn’t about reaching an arbitrary definition of intelligence. Rather, it’s about giving you a strategy for learning. From this strategy, called holistic learning, I’ll provide a set of different tools to put that theory into practice. Some of these tools won’t fit your learning style or goals. That’s fine. My hopes is to provide a large assortment of tools that, with the backing of the holistic learning strategy, you can use to tailor your own approach. With practice many of these techniques can become powerful weapons in your learning arsenal. 
This book has two major goals. First, the holistic learning strategy should give you a model for how to learn better. Without an easily understandable theory of learning, it is difficult to make improvements. By seeing the holistic learning strategy you have a basis for identifying your weaknesses and improving the way you learn. 
The second objective of this book is to provide a variety of learning techniques. Throughout the book I’ll explain what these techniques are and how they fit within the holistic learning strategy. Included with this book are exercise printouts so you can practice these methods. I wish you the best of luck in all your learning efforts and hope you enjoy the book. It took a great deal of effort, tweaking and experimentation to write. Hopefully that effort has been well invested and you can improve the way you think.

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