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How To Open Locks With Improvised Tools

Science | Views: 850 | Downloads: 0 | Added by: hazarainfo | Date: 2009-03-17 | Comments (0)

Trevor A. Kletz: What Went Wrong?

Science | Views: 1690 | Downloads: 0 | Added by: hazarainfo | Date: 2009-02-23 | Comments (0)

Drawing the Human Head by Burne Hogarth

Science | Views: 684 | Downloads: 0 | Added by: hazarainfo | Date: 2009-02-23 | Comments (0)

Denis Rigden “How to be a Spy" 
Dundurn Press | 2004-04-14 | ISBN: 1550025058 | 433 pages | PDF | 29.5 MB

In the early years of World War II, Special Operations Executive (SOE) set up top secret training schools to instruct prospective agents in the art of being a spy. By the end of 1941, an international network of schools was in operation in secluded locations ranging from the Scottish Highlands to Singapore and Canada.

How to Be a Spy reproduces the extensive training manuals used to prepare agents for their highly dangerous missions behind enemy lines. The courses cover a variety of clandestine skills including disguise, surveillance, burglary, interrogation, close combat, and assassination – everything needed to wreak havoc in occupied Europe.
Secret History Files is an exciting series from The National Archives that puts covert history in readers’ hands. Dossiers previously classified as ‘Top Secret’ are now available, with an introduction and background analysis by expert historians.
Science | Views: 764 | Downloads: 0 | Added by: hazarainfo | Date: 2008-12-25 | Comments (0)

2008-11-30, 7:39 Pm

Take 5 and unwind with this award-winning game designed to reduce your stress levels. The games are as simple as finding a smiling face in a crowd of frowns, yet they are powerful tools demonstrated to refocus the way your mind perceives the world. Featuring 4 games, more than 1,000 levels, personalized puzzles, and progress tracking, MindHabits Trainer is puzzle fun with a side of relaxation.

Science | Views: 738 | Downloads: 0 | Added by: hazarainfo | Date: 2008-12-25 | Comments (0)

102 optical illusions


Learn More Study Less

Scott Young. Learn More Study Less
ISBN no | edition 2008 | 228 pages | PDF | 1.8 MB



From the author
This book isn’t about reaching an arbitrary definition of intelligence. Rather, it’s about giving you a strategy for learning. From this strategy, called holistic learning, I’ll provide a set of different tools to put that theory into practice. Some of these tools won’t fit your learning style or goals. That’s fine. My hopes is to provide a large assortment of tools that, with the backing of the holistic learning strategy, you can use to tailor your own approach. With practice many of these techniques can become powerful weapons in your learning arsenal. 
This book has two major goals. First, the holistic learning strategy should give you a model for how to learn better. Without an easily understandable theory of learning, it is difficult to make improvements. By seeing the holistic learning strategy you have a basis for identifying your weaknesses and improving the way you learn. 
The second objective of this book is to provide a variety of learning techniques. Throughout the book I’ll explain what these techniques are and how they fit within the holistic learning strategy. Included with this book are exercise printouts so you can practice these methods. I wish you the best of luck in all your learning efforts and hope you enjoy the book. It took a great deal of effort, tweaking and experimentation to write. Hopefully that effort has been well invested and you can improve the way you think.

Science | Views: 727 | Downloads: 0 | Added by: hazarainfo | Date: 2008-12-25 | Comments (0)

Medical Terminology An Illustrated Guide (4th Ed.)

[ ] 2008-10-31, 6:59 Am
Medical Terminology An Illustrated Guide (4th Ed.)

Barbara Janson Cohen “Medical Terminology: An Illustrated Guide(4th Ed.)"
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins | 2003-08 | ISBN: 078174976X | 744 pages | PDF | 14.14 MB

Text covers medical terminology with an organizational structure, full-color illustrations, and a strong clinical focus. Includes exercises and numerous case studies for each chapter. Also includes information on alternative and complementary medicine.

Science | Views: 838 | Downloads: 0 | Added by: hazarainfo | Date: 2008-12-23 | Comments (0)

Encyclopedia of addictive drug

[ ] 2008-09-06, 1:32 Pm
Encyclopedia of addictive drug
500 pages | PDF | 5.2 MB
Covers detail information of almost all addictive drugs

Science | Views: 713 | Downloads: 0 | Added by: hazarainfo | Date: 2008-12-23 | Comments (0)

Periodic Table 3.7

 Periodic Table 3.7
 An application containing all the elements of the Periodic Table along with images of the elements in their natural state.


  • Detailed information on each element
  • Images for each element (126 images in total)
  • Glossary
  • Graphs of important element properties
  • Biographies for the element discoverers
  • Interactive display allows you to view the states of the elements at any temperature (from 0 - 6000k)
  • XP style support
  • Search the all of the element, biography and glossary pages.
  • Electron shell diagrams of each element
  • Atomic width diagram
  • Element names and the majority of the applications buttons are now available in eight different languages. Unfortunately there is just too much text for me to translate (92000+ words).

What's New in version 3.5:

  • Added isotope abundance graph
  • Added full electron configuration to box notation display
  • Added a few of new images
  • The text now follows IUPAC convenctions
  • Much improved data page navigation
  • Some bug fixes and GUI logic improvements
The version 2.0+ Periodic Table requires a screen resolution of 1024x768 or greater. If you run your PC at a resolution below this then you may want to download the older version (1.63) that will run fine at resolutions of 800x600.

Science | Views: 766 | Downloads: 0 | Added by: hazarainfo | Date: 2008-12-22 | Comments (0)

Science | Views: 740 | Downloads: 0 | Added by: hazarainfo | Date: 2008-12-22 | Comments (0)

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