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Windows Home Server with Power Pack 1 - original ISO


Microsoft Windows Home Server - an interesting operating system for "home" networks and small organizations. Stated powerful centralized bakup, sly approach to disk drives (giving up drive letters), completely autonomous operation and simple installation.

Year: 2009 
Developer: Microsoft Corporation 
Compatibility with Vista: complete 
Language: English only 
Size: 1.2 GB 
Tabletka: Not required (serial attached)

System requirements: 
- 1GHz processor 
- 512MB RAM 
- 70GB hard drive 
- Card 100Mb / s

Software Platform Windows Home Server will be installed on the specialized servers that provide data exchange between PCs and other multimedia devices (eg, prefixes Xbox), connected to a home network. That is actually a server running Windows Home Server will act as a focal point home.

Windows Home Server is a kind of hub for storing music, images and other information. WHS can perform automatic backup and restore information, and also allows remote connections.

Windows Home Server Power Pack 1:

Power Pack 1 adds WHS a lot of new opportunities. Below you can read the description of new features.

Windows Home Server Connector 
At the time of release Power Pack 1 application Windows Home Server Connector can be installed on a home computer running 64-bit editions of Windows Vista. This feature will be added in order to verify compliance version Windows Home Server Connector with the version of Windows Home Server. Users will be prompted either to update the application installed on your home computer, or WHS.

Backup Windows Home Server 
When adding a new hard drive to Windows Home Server users will be given the opportunity to use this drive to backup home server. Once this option is selected, a home server will appear on the tab Computers & Backup, where the user can choose what information he wishes to store on a new hard drive. As with home computers, you can browse the backups and choose what to restore - files, photos, etc. You can also perform backup / restore the entire information base stored on a home server.

When adding / editing a user through the Home Server Console, in addition to the possibility of including remote access for that user is now added vypadayusche menu where you can allow / deny access to a specific user bookmarks Computers and Shared folders when connected via remote access. On the Shared Folders tab in the Remote Access menu appear 'Views', whereby users will be able to display a detailed list of files ( 'Details' view) or thumbnails ( 'Icons'). Mode 'Icons' most images will be presented as thumbnails, and the remaining files and folders will be displayed as large icons. Opportunities for downloading files have been significantly improved and optimized for users of Internet Explorer 6 and 7. Now users can drag the region to download multiple files at once or select them in dialogue to boot. The progress bar was also substantially completed: was added to the status of each individual file. Also been added to the abolition of simultaneous loading of multiple files. When downloading multiple files at once will be added to the package files in a self-extracting archive (. Exe). Previously, it was possible to store files only in the ZIP-format archives.

Backing up the information from home computers 
If the database backup on the home server contains errors, it is now using the Restore Wizard, users will be able to correct errors. Restore Wizard can be launched from an applet Backup Settings Console Windows Home Server Console. Also, the icon for Windows Home Server Connector, located in the tray, added a new option that will allow users to use on / off function that displays the computer from sleep or hibernation to perform the backup.

And more 
There is still much that we should talk about Power Pack 1, however, we intend to share this information gradually. Expect new information in a short time. And if you have any questions about Power Pack 1, you can ask them on the forums Windows Home Server Community, since we lifted the embargo with the actions of our beta testers and now they are free to answer questions and help to learn about what we are busy at the moment.

Size : 1227 MB

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